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Building an alternative natural gas supply -LNG/CNG- for Europe

with focus on the natural gas resources from the large deposits in America (USA/Canada)

PGU creates the direct market access for energy producers from America to the consumers in Europe

for natural gas and oil products

PGU cooperates closely

with natural gas / oil producers
e.g., www.activaresources.com

with logistics companies on all levels of the supply chain
e.g., Cove Point Terminal, www.gate.nl, www.fluxys.com/belgium/en und Open Grid Europe

PGU develops

distribution- / supply and procurement- / sales opportunities for producers / trade and consumers
in the process heat market / production process
in the heat market for heating purposes
in the fuel / transportation market
with the related companies: www.e-h-g.net and

PGU offers

consulting services tailor-made for all marketing and logistic levels of the energy business

in Europe and America